How much calorie from food is needed for a healthy life

What are calories?
Well this is the most important thing which every one wants to know. Whether you want to balance your metabolism, or want to reduce blood sugar level or cholesterol and most importantly reduce weight then we should at least know little or more about Calories. I know its difficult to count your bite every time, but if we talk about balanced diet then calorie is the only thing we should take care of. Doctors, nutritionist and even gym instructors all of them recommend to go through the calorie chart for our health. Initially i could never understand this calorie thing and then when I knew what the thing was I could never measure things to eat. It was difficult for me to eat a piece of cake and then the whole day survive on boiled vegetables. 
             Anyways thanks to science, which is so developed that we can know what is good for our health and how much is best for our system. So coming to calorie I have known something very superficial that I am going to share with you. 
              Calorie refers to energy consumption and the energy usage . Ok now in simple language 'energy consumption' that means what ever we eat and drink and 'energy usage' means the energy used by our body while physical activities or physical work we do in our day today life, basically calorie is the food of our inside body which gives food to our organs and cells. 
           So next we should know how much calorie or food of body is needed?  Well the answer varies depending on the height, weight, gender, and mostly your physical activity. It may also be different for people on weight reduction, diabetes, pregnancy etc. According to research average calorie for adult female is 1,800-2,200 per day and male is 2,200-2,600 per day. This is for  people with moderate physical activities, if your physical activities are more then you should take more calories accordingly.
           Finally we know that our body needs almost 2,000 calories a day (female)so that it can feed our organs, cells etc. If we take as required amount of calories every day then we can maintain a healthy life style but more calorie will store and increase our fat and less calorie will make us restless and ill. Next we will talk about how to manage calorie without having a long list of calorie chart. 


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