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Good vs bad carbohydrates - How to choose your carb diet


Let's talk something about one of the main types of nutrients that is a carbohydrate, so what is the essential thing we should know about 'carbs' for our healthy lifestyle. So I did a little research on the net for what is carbohydrate and why we need it?

    Before I started my healthy food habit I didn't know much about carbohydrates I just knew what most of us know, that food like rice, white bread, cakes, pizzas, soft drinks, potatoes, etc. are rich in carbs. Whenever I searched for a weight loss diet or a healthy diet is always mentioned to cut down your fat and carbs or low carbs in your diet. Again it seemed harsh for me coz I just love these yummy foods, and rice is the staple food, as I take rice for lunch as well as for dinner, then I thought to manage my carbohydrates. So let's know little about carbs in simple words which is essential for our healthy daily diet.


 Carbohydrates are the most important source of energy for our body. Just, we get the energy to do our daily life activities because we have carbs in our body. Almost every food we eat every day contains less or more carbs like fruits, veggies, milk, cereal, etc. rice, white flour, sugar, potatoes which are filled with carbs. How does it work? When we eat something, our digestive system changes carbohydrates into glucose which is also blood sugar (Blood sugar or blood glucose refers to the sugar that is transported through the bloodstream to supply energy to all the cells in our body, the sugar is made from the food we eat.).  Our body uses this sugar for the energy of our cell, tissues, and organs. It stores any extra sugar in our liver and muscles for when it is needed.


 Carbohydrates are of two types 1. Simple and 2. Complex
1.Simple Carbohydrates- These includes sugars found naturally in foods like- fruits,, vegetables, milk, and milk products.Other than that simple carb are Glucose, Fructose(fruit sugar) and Sucrose(table sugar). They are the quickest source of energy, as they are rapidly digested and reach the bloodstream immediately.
2.Complex Carbohydrates- These includes the whole grain bread and cereals, starchy vegetables and legumes(beans). These provide longer lasting energy as well as fibers and nutrients. Our body breaks down complex carbs to glucose, the sugar which is the primary fuel to give us energy.

  Good Carbs- Complex carbs can be considered a good one when they are unrefined because, also, it contains nutrient and vitamins.
   Bad carbs- These are simple sugars, like the one in soda and candy. Or refined, complex carbohydrates that we find in cakes, pizzas, cookies, etc. as well as in white flour, bread, and rice.

    How many carbs we should take every day? Well, that depends on your height, weight, gender, diabetes, obesity, etc. If you are obese or have diabetes, then you should consult your doctor or if you are on a strict diet then consult your nutritionist for the exact amount of carbs you need every day. Else you can manage your diet with some healthy options. Take brown rice instead of the white one, eat a lot of vegetables and fruits instead of potato fries or cakes, drink water, etc.  

 From this, we come to a conclusion that our body needs sugar for energy but only with a combination of all other good things. We can't cut the carbs entirely from our daily diet, but we should avoid white rice, white bread(refined carbs) with brown rice, whole grain or whole wheat, fruit and veggies(total carbs).


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