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Goodies of cabbage- health benefits


1. Rich in vitamin C, fiber, iron, sulphur and iodine.
2. Supports immune system and boosts energy.
3. Improves blood flow and reduces free radicals.
4. Helps with gastric ulcer and lowers the risk of colon cancer.
5. It has a anti-inflammatory property, also considered as anti-bacterial and anti-viral.
6. Supports the nervous system as well as the endocrine system.
7. Good remedy for constipation.
8. Helps to maintain a healthy cholesterol.
9. Detoxifies stomach and colon.
10. Promotes good eye health.
11. Controls blood pressure and protects bone from weakening.
12. Helps in weight loss.
13. Reduces hair loss.
14. Promotes healthy skin and repairs damaged skin cells.
15. Good remedy for gastritis.


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