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goodies of eggplant


1. Very good source of dietary fiber, vitamin B1 and copper. Also good source of manganese, niacin, potassium, folate and vitamin K and B6. Also contains phytonutrients.
2.  Helps to increase energy and lowers the overall weight.
3. The fiber, potassium,vitamin B6 and phytonutrients content in eggplant supports heart health.
4. Helps to lower 'bad' cholesterol.
5. Eggplants contain certain essential phytonutrients which improve the blood circulation and nourish the brain.
6. The fiber in it protects the digestive tract.
7. Good for diabetes because of its high fiber and low soluble carbohydrate content.
8. Helps prevent blood clots because of vitamin K.

Phytonutrients- plant food contain thousand of natural chemicals, which are called phytonutrients. these chemicals helps protect plant from germs, fungi, bugs and some helps protect the plant from UV radiation.
Phytonutrients helps to prevent diseases and keep our body working properly.


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