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Lose weight without Exercise - With healthy and tasty food

Food is the fuel of our body, from head to toe, our body needs nutrition, water, and exercise to keep it healthy. Food is the most vital part of our life. Our palate is a fan of yummy delicious food, we love to try different cuisines. Nowadays food has become the identity of many places, you talk about pizza and pasta you think about Italy. You talk, about wraps, tortillas and you feel about Mexico. You speak about the burger, potato fries you know its America, and those yummy tandoori chicken and tikkas that's India, and many more. I just love this food and I love to try different cuisine.  

One bite on the piece of that yummy cake and here goes in 240 calories into your tummy. Mouthwatering pizza slice and you add up with 290 calories and not to forget that little can of soft drink or soda which we get in every refrigerator is 
145 calories.
Why yummy foods are always bad for health? and filled with tons of calories? Why can't we eat every tasty food without gaining any fat or diseases? After all that yummy in the tummy, when it comes to doing exercise, we think of how to start and where to start from?

I am Shikta, a wife and mother of beautiful twin girls. I am an overweight person(168 lbs or 76 kg). I was detected with gestational diabetes with elevated cholesterol and severe gastritis. Though my sugar level was healthy after the delivery, the gastritis became worse. My food habit was terrible, after my babies, I used to eat cakes, pizzas, sweets, fried chicken, cream curries, etc., so the doctor asked me to eat boiled food and no spices, but I failed to do that. As a result, more and more gastritis and then doctor suggested for an Endoscopy. I really got scared and decided to change my food habit and start exercising. But like many people, I have also tried to exercise and diet several times but failed. The reason is simple I always make a checklist before I start my weight loss program.

            1.Motivational videos (which can never make me motivated)     
             2.Food chart (difficult to follow)

3.Calorie chart (I feel it complicated)

4.Nutrition chart (just lots of fruits and veggies)

5.New gym dress

6.Yoga DVDs 

And many more,

Then finally I start my exercise, only for a few days. Then I get tired I want food, take rest. I am never consistent. I have tried this many times. But one thing that always comes to my mind is if I do not change my lifestyle then I am in trouble. Obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, gastritis and many more.

 So I thought to make some food which is good for health and tasty too. But the first thing I need to quit or eat less is all kind of sweets, fried food, and white flour. I just tried it for a month and a half, and I lose 900 grams which are about 1.9 lbs, I thought it was great.
               In this blog I will tell you how you can make some awesome food with simple things in your kitchen, how you can eat lots of fruits and veggies, how you can maintain a healthy life style, how you can  manage your calories and don't have to go on a strict diet.

[But before I start I just want to say that your doctor's  advice about your health should be your priority].

For example if you are obese and doctor's recommended for a strict diet and exercise you should follow it first.


So friends to discuss more about healthy life style and healthy food you post your comments, share your experience, share your fitness stories and your recipes .As it is said- slow and steady wins the race and We all can do it.


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