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health benefits of eggs


1. Eggs are very good source of high quality protein. Egg whites are rich in protein, vitamin B2, selenium, vitamin D, vitamin B6, B12 and contains minerals such as zinc, iron and copper.
2. Egg yolks are also great source of vitamins and minerals, it contains all of the egg's fat and cholesterol and some amount of protein.
3. Rich in choline, omega-3 and contains 9 essential amino acids.
4. Helps to increase the HDL (good) cholesterol in our body.
5. Helps to protect eye sight and maintain good vision.
6. Boosts muscle development and strength.
7. Rich in antioxidants.
8. Helps in development and growth of body.
9. Maintains healthy hormonal functioning of thyroid.
10. Helps to protect our bones and promotes healthy hair and nails.


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