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white rice vs brown rice

One of the primary sources of carbohydrate is rice, consumed all over the world and mainly in Asian countries, it serves as a staple food. Rice comes in different size, shapes, and aroma. Different type of rice is the 1. polished rice, 2. boiled rice, 3. ponni boiled rice, 4. basmati rice, 5. sticky rice, etc. But all these rice falls in one category that is White rice, one more type of rice that is widely recognized as a healthier option is the Brown rice.
So let's know more about White and Brown rice.

White rice

White rice produced through a refining process thus it is stripped of nutrients, still provides us with many nutrients, with the high content of carbohydrate and low in fiber.
Carbohydrates are known as the quickest source of energy. Thus white rice provides us with plenty of energy. 
White rice contains amino acids which promote muscle growth.
White rice also contains a mild amount of manganese, thiamine, low sodium which helps boost the immune system and protect from diseases.
The glycemic index and carbohydrate content of white rice is really high. Thus it can be insulin resistant and glucose level spikes as it rapidly breaks down into sugar in our body, resulting in increased risk of diabetes.

White rice can be stored easily for the much longer time. Easy to cook as well as digest.

Brown rice
Brown rice is not the refined rice, or they are unprocessed as it has the side hull and bran, the side hulls and brans provide essential nutrients. It is a whole grain and high in fiber, thus offers more health benefits.

Brown rice is gluten-free, rich in selenium and manganese. Rich in iron which helps in carrying oxygen to blood cells. Boosts metabolism and stabilizes blood sugar level.
Brown rice is rich in naturally occurring oils which helps to lower bad cholesterol.
Brown rice is also famous as a weight loss diet due to its high fiber content.
The cooking time of brown rice is more than white rice and is difficult to digest. It is a whole grain so it may lack few minerals and other valuable food nutrients that are necessary for the body. 

Hence both white and brown rice are healthy in there own way, but the brown rice is considered to be the healthiest one. 


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