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best time to eat oat


Though there is no specific time to eat oatmeal but studies show that having oats in the breakfast is best. Few reasons include:

1. The high fiber content- As we know that oats are high in fiber, it keeps you full for a longer time, eating oatmeal in the morning will help to keep you full for a long time, avoiding small snacks between meals, so great for weight loss. 

2. The fiber content- Eating oatmeal in the morning will also helps to regulate the bowel movements, and prevents constipation.

3. Carbohydrate and protein content- The high carbohydrate and protein content and the unsaturated fat (the perfect macro-nutrients) of oatmeal, gives you the energy for the whole day, and when taken with fruits adds vitamins and minerals too. The perfect breakfast.

4. Lowers cholesterol levels and stabilizes your blood sugar level.


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