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food remedies for indigestion


1. Drink plenty of water. Atleast 8-10 glass of water in a day.
2. Avoid eating extremely spicy food and fatty food.
3.  Avoid citrus fruit during indigestion and heart burn.
4. Few food remedies include-
 - Ginger, extract juice or adding ginger to your tea can help in indigestion.
 - Boil fennel seed (saunf) and carom seed (ajwain) in water for 10 minutes, strain it. Mix one cup of water to half cup of concentrated fennel seed & carom seed water, and drink when you feel indigestion.
 - Basil leaves (tulsi ke patte) is widely known as an excellent Ayurvedic remedy for gastritis and indigestion.
 - Cinnamon also helps in indigestion. Make a cup of cinnamon tea or add one teaspoon of cinnamon to a glass of warm water, and drink it.
 - Cumin is also great for indigestion and related symptoms. Roast and powder the cumin, add one teaspoon to a glass of water for drinking.
5. Maintain a healthy life style and exercise regularly.


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