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Grilled tofu with stir fries vegetables in schezwan sauce


1. Half cup tofu (cut into pieces)
2. Oil spray
3. Half cup of onion
4. Half cup of beans
5. Half cup of green bell pepper
6. Half cup of cabbage
7. Half cup of broccoli
8. Half cup of carrots
9. Black pepper powder
10. Ginger (shredded) as required
11. Coriander leaves
12. Salt to taste


1. In a heavy bottom frying pan spray olive oil, add the onions and saute them till they are golden brown.
2. Now add the beans, mushroom and cook till mushrooms are cooked nicely.
3. Now add cabbage, broccoli, saute, add salt to taste.
4. Add the schezwan sauce and cook for few minutes.
5. Sprinkle black pepper powder, some ginger and coriander leaves.
6. Take out in a bowl and keep it aside.
7. Now cut the tofu into medium sized square pieces, marinade with salt and black pepper powder.
8. Now in a griller spray some oil and place the tofu till they are grilled nicely from both the sides.
9. Take them out and serve with the stir fried vegetables.
10. Garnish with some ginger and serve hot.


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