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Health benefits of Tofu


1. Tofu is made up of soyabean curd and is one of best vegetarian source of protein.
2. Also good source of vitaminA, vitaminB6, thiamine and folic acid.
3. They are very good source of calcium and iron.
4. Also contains other minerals like, manganese, magnesium, copper, selenium, phosphorus and zinc.
5. Contains nine essential amino acids.
6. Contains anti-oxidant properties.
7. Tofu are low in calorie and free of cholesterol.
8. Calcium in tofu helps to strengthen the bones.
9. Helps to reduce anemia.
10. Improves the metabolic rate and boosts digestion.
11. Helps to increase the immunity.
12. Prevents hair loss by providing required proteins to hair.
13. Helps to prevent liver problems.
14. Lowers the level of LDL (Bad cholesterol)
15. Benefits in Type 2 diabetes (specially kidney problems)


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