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Cold coffee


1. Whole milk 1 cup 
2. Sugar 1 tbs (Or sugar free 2 sachet)
3. Instant coffee 1 tbs (or 1/2 as per your requirement) 
4. Crushed ice 1 cup
5. Fresh whipped cream 1/2 cup
6. Freshly ground coffee beans 1 tsp


1. In a cup take the whole milk and whisk, till froth is formed on the milk.
2. Now in a blender take sugar, crushed ice, coffee and 1 tbs of cream. Blend it till sugar and coffee are dissolved.
3. Now slowly pour the milk in it and blend it for 2 seconds.
4. Take it out in a glass, and take care to pour all the froth that you made earlier.
5. Pipe the whipped cream over the coffee froth and garnish with freshly ground coffee beans.
6. Enjoy your cold coffee in a summer evening.  


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