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Raw banana Cutlets

Vermicelli Upma

What is a Ketogenic diet | Weight reduction with keto diet | Benefits of keto diet | Advantages and Disadvantages of ketogenic diet

Health benefits of cherries

Health benefits of pineapple

Raw banana cutlets | Banana tikkis | Healthy banana cutlets

Creamy Spinach Pasta | No cheese no cream | Healthy balanced diet pasta

Creamy spinach pasta | No cheese no cream pasta | Healthy balanced diet pasta

Hot and Sour Corn Soup | Sweet and Spicy Corn Soup

How to tenderize meat

Vegetable cutlets | No potato, no deep frying veggie cutlets | Healthy diet cutlets

Types of diet | weight loss methods | diet that helps to reduce weight | Diet for weight loss

Hot and sour corn soup | Sweet and spicy corn soup

Moong sprout salad | Green moong salad | Weight loss diet

Simple Sprout Salad | Healthy salad recipe | Moong sprout salad | Raw fo...

Mini idli and channa dal chutney