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Health benefits of cherries


1. Cherries are excellent source of vitamin A (a form of beta carotene)
2. They are also rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, iron and folate.
3. Cherries are also very good source of dietary fibers.
4. Also packed with antioxidant like anthocyanins.
5. Contains anti-inflammatory properties.
6. Contains melatonin, which helps to regulate heart rhythms and sleep cycles.
7. Helps to keep the kidneys and liver healthy.
8. Improves immunity and prevent diseases.
9. Helps to keep the heart and brain healthy.
10. Reduces muscle pain and improves bone health.
11. Helps to reduce cholesterol and diabetes.
12. Helps in proper digestion and regulates bowel movement.
13. Contains anti-aging properties and helps in weight reduction.
14. Reduces muscle soreness, pain and inflammation.
15. Helps to fight against cancer and other diseases.


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