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Health benefits of cantaloupe


1. Cantaloupe are rich in Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitaminB3 , vitaminB6, vitamin K and folate. 
2. Cantaloupe are very good source of potassium. Also contains magnesium and fiber.
3. Cantaloupe helps to keep the body hydrated. And helps in detoxification of the body.
4. Boosts the immunity and prevents diseases.
5. Cantaloupe prevents the skin from premature aging.
6. Helps to keep the eyes healthy.
7. Helps to improve the brain function.
8. Regulate blood sugar level and blood pressure.
9. Helps to reduce anxiety and stress.
10. Helps to improve digestion and reduces irregular bowel movement.
11. Contains anti-inflammatory properties.
12. Helps to keep the kidneys and lung healthy.


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