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How to make perfect dosa | Tips to avoid sticking of Dosa batter on the flat pan or skillet | Dosa batter ratio

Tips for Dosa

1. Take 1 cup of white urad dal (split or whole) to 3 cups of dosa rice or idli rice for perfect dosa batter.
2. For proper fermentation, do not over wash the soaked lentil and rice. As it can reduce the natural yeast.
3. Keep the batter in room temperature for 6-8 hours in summer days. In winter days keep the batter in warm places like inside the oven (without switching on the heat) or microwave (switched off).
4. Add salt after the batter is fermented, as salt can avoid fermentation.
5. To make the dosa, switch on the gas to medium heat, after you pour the batter and make the dosa turn the heat to high mode.
6. After making 2 to 3 dosas, the flat pan or iron skillet becomes hot and the batter starts to stick to the bottom of the skillet, so to reduce the temperature take some water in a bowl put a ice cube and soak a kitchen cloth or cheese muslin cloth. While making the dosas, squeeze the cloth and wipe the skillet, so that you can shape your dosa without the batter sticking to the bottom. 

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