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Hello Foodies

    Thank you so much to show your interest in my food and health blog as well as to know about me. My name is Shiva, I have completed my bachelors in Dental Surgery from Bhubaneswar, Odisha. I love cooking and eating different type of cuisines, as a child I grew up with foodies, in a family where festivals and happiness are celebrated with love, affection and lot of excellent and authentic food. As soon as I grew and went for my graduation my passion for food increased more and more. As you all know, that the food in hostels are terrible and due this reason, my roommates and I usually order food from outside. Then we started cooking in our hostel room, sometimes we come to my home for small parties, and every weekend we would go to different restaurants, try street foods, that was really fun. After getting married, I went to many places in India and outside India, where I explored and tried the different type of authentic and concocted food. Food was something I was always passionate about, when I first came to United States in 2012, I started a YouTube channel named Khao-lite, (I loved cooking and recording), but then got busy in my daily life, time was just flying and I was getting sick, through the passing days.  

                Soon I realized that I was getting addicted to the restaurant's food, that was making me ill. The repeated use of oil in the fast foods, frozen and stored foods of restaurants, caused indigestion, stomach bloating, etc. Spicy, acidic food made me a chronic gastritis patient having antacid every day. Elevated triglycerides, obesity, gestational diabetes, and oral thrush etc. I was getting attacked by almost every lifestyle diseases. Doctor suggested only one thing, to change my food habits, so I decided to cook at home whatever I love to eat, use organic and fresh ingredients. I started my journey by web surfing about health-related food and diseases, healthy recipes, food remedies and how to store ingredients, to keep the nutrition intact, etc. But it was challenging to find all information in one place, relate them to each other, as well as understand things in short. Thus I decided to write the blog, make things easy and straightforward to understand, bring food and health-related information's together, add some grandma's food remedies, kitchen tips/hacks and share it with you all. And that's how this blog was created. So be a part of this journey by sharing your recipes and health-related tips. You can also Subscribe my YouTube channel being foodie - Bringing Health to your Kitchen.

And the journey was so interesting that I got even more passionate about my passion. I got into the food science and earned, the certificate for Food and Health, from Stanford University and the certificate of Nutrition and Healthy Living from Cornell University. I truly believe food is health and health is happiness. Let's join together to make ourselves happy and healthy.

And also I want to share that, you never know where life drags you, you may be happy or you may be sad. Just remember to stay strong.  


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Thank you so much for your valuable time. Take care and stay healthy.


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