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Maggi atta noodle in an Indian curry style


1. Maggi atta noodle 1 packet
2. Potato 2 tbsp (cut into small pieces)
3. Raw papaya 2 tbsp (cut into small pieces)
4. Pumpkin 2 tbs (cut into small pieces)
5. Salt to taste
6. Turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
7. Red chili powder 1/2 tsp
8. Curry powder 1 tsp
9. Tomato half (cut into slices)
10. Coriander leaves handful (finely chopped)
11. Cooking oil 1 tbsp
12. Butter (optional)


1. Cut the vegetables (potato, raw papaya and pumpkin) into small pieces, wash and keep them aside.
2. Take 1 tbsp of cooking oil in a pan, when the oil is warm enough add the vegetables and fry them till they are half cooked on high to medium heat.
3. When the veggies are half cooked add salt to taste, 1/2 tsp of turmeric powder, 1/2 tsp of red chili powder and 1 tsp of curry powder. ( You can also use extra maggi masala but it is always good to avoid the sachet masala which come with the noodles as they contain MSG )
4. Fry the spices with the veggies for few seconds, add sliced tomatoes, cook the tomatoes for a minute and pour 2 cups of water and let it to boil.
5. When the water starts boiling break the noodle to halves and put them into the boiling water, sprinkle the maggi masala that comes with the noodle, mix and cook for 3 to 4 minutes on high to medium heat till the noodles are cooked to soft.
6. Turn off the heat, add handful of finely chopped coriander leaves and mix nicely.
7. Serve hot with butter(optional) and enjoy your maggi masala Indian curry style.  

Thank you eat healthy and stay healthy

*Note- To make the noodles more healthy, cook the noodles separately in boiling water, drain the excess water (this will help to drain out the edible gum and oil that is used to make the noodles). Now use this cooked noodles in the curry. 
- Take care to add vegetables that will taste good to you with noodles. 


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