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Tips to store food in fridge and freezer

Tips to store food in fridge

1. To keep the food fresh, always use the first rack of the fridge to store cooked food as it is nearer to the freezer and also more colder than the lower part of the fridge.
2. Always cover the cooked food while storing in the fridge to keep it fresh, to avoid fridge smell and drying of the food.

3. To avoid the dryness of rice due to loss of moisture caused by the low temperature in the fridge, always pour water in cooked rice to keep its moisture intact.

4. Always use a ziplock bag or plastic box to store cut vegetables, specially onions, garlic and ginger to avoid the bad smell, to keep the veggies fresh.

5. Store food in glass ware containers instead of plastic if you want to warm the food in the same container later in the microwave, to avoid plastic smell.

Tips to store food in freezer

1. Always use ziplock bag or freezer containers that are airtight, to store cooked food, raw vegetables, half cooked or raw non-veg foods inside the freezer, to make it more easy to use.

2. Do not freeze cut vegetables for more than 4 to 5 days. Always pack properly before freezing them. 
3. Do not freeze raw or half cooked non-veg (chicken, fish, prawn etc.) for more than 2 to 3 days.

4. Never freeze cooked non-veg (chicken, fish, prawn etc.), as they can taste bad, cause indigestion due to repeated freezing and heating.

5. Never defrost frozen stuffs in microwave, always allow to thaw them by running under hot water, warm water bath or keep them out for 4 to 6 hours before using them.

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