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Simple tips to cook fish

Simple tips for Cooking Fish

1. Always shallow fry the fish to keep it more juicy and tasty. Deep frying can make the outer part hard.

2. While cooking raw fish or dry fish to remove the smell, squeeze few drops of lemon in the oil before frying. This will help to reduce the raw smell of the fish.

3. To check if the fish is cooked or not, insert tip of a knife in the thickest part of the fish.

4. To store raw fish for 1 to 2 days, squeeze lemon and add salt to taste and freeze it. To store fish for 3 to 4 days, boil the fish for 2 minutes in salt water and put it in the deep freezer. Before cooking, thaw and fry.

5. Catfish and tilapia fish cooks really fast, so best for baking.

6. Always cover the fish while baking to keep the fish juicy and soft.

7. While cooking fish curry, add the fish at last, turn off the heat and cover it for few more minutes, this will make the curry more tasty.

8. While baking fish with skin, put the fish skin side on the griller for better cooking.

9. To store cooked fish for longer days, season the fish with salt, turmeric and lemon, deep fry and store them in a air tight container in the freeze.

10. It is always best to cook and eat fresh fish for taste and health. Avoid preserved, frozen and precooked fish.


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