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Frying Tips | Things to take care while making deep fried food

Hello foodies,
          We all love those, deep fried crispy chicken or those mixed vegetable fritters (pakoras). but, do you know, adding few simple steps to your frying, can make it more comfortable and safe. So, lets look at few simple tips that can make our frying time even more better.

1. Always use a proper frying vessel, which can sit on the gas comfortably, so that you can fry your food without any problem. Or use a electric fryer.

2. Do not use, stainless steel or silver vessels for deep frying, as it is difficult to maintain the oil temperature in these kind of vessels, for example; the frying oil gets really heated, which can burn the food.

3. Always maintain a distance from the work area, place the frying vessel on the burner those are situated behind the gas stoves. Always follow the instructions, directed to operate a electric fryer.

4. The frying vessel or the fryer can get very hot because of the temperature, thus always use the oven mitts or ovens gloves to avoid burning your hands.

5. Select the right oil for your frying, this is important for the taste, and use oil that has high smoke point for example; canola oil, sunflower oil, vegetable oil and peanut oil.

6. Do not heat the oil extremely, and do not put the food from a distance into the oil. Lower your hand and with caution, slide the frying things into the hot oil. 

7. Do not over crowd the frying pan, instead of being in hurry take time to cook in batches. Do not use spoon, fork or other short spatulas to turn the food, rather use long handled skimmer, or stainless steel tongs to turn your fried food.

8. While frying the food, manage the temperature regulator of the gas stove, for perfect frying. Do not leave the skimmer or tongs inside the frying vessels.

9. Never deep fry frozen foods directly, always thaw the frozen food, wash if needed or coat with the necessary batter and then deep fry. 

10. After frying is done, let the oil to cool down. Oil takes time to cool down, so take care to keep out of reach of children, pets and others. 

Health Advise

1. Never use same oil for repeated frying.
2. Choose shallow frying over deep frying. (almost tastes same)
3. Never deep fry food that soak oil, rather bake them. For example; bread, soy chunks etc.

Thank you for so much for your valuable time, to go through the article, frying tips. I hope you enjoyed reading, please share you thoughts and comment. 


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