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Tips to store Spices


Hey foodies,
       As we all know that, Spices are one of the important ingredient in our favorite recipe, it makes our food flavorful. We all love that pinch of garam masala in our curry and the dust of oregano in our pasta. But, it is very important to store the spices properly to keep its taste and flavors intact. So, here are few tips to store all spices, flavorful for longer time.

1. Always store spices, in air tight containers. If you have large quantity of spices then divide the spices to two containers, big container for longer storage and small container for regular use.

2. Always store spices in a cool, dark place. As they lose their flavors in light, heat and humidity. 

3. Always store ground spices in the refrigerator, and away from moisture to keep its flavor fresh. 

4. Always use freshly ground spices to flavor your food, to get the best from the spice.

5. Always add  the spice towards the end of your cooking or after you have finished, as excess heat damages the flavors and freshness.

Health Advise

1. Spices like red chili powder, curry powder, chole masala , if used in excess amount can cause gastritis. So take care to use less amount of spices in your daily meal.

2. Avoid packed spices available, as the exact procedure is not known how they extract the flavors from the spices, or how they make them so rich in flavors. Instead use natural ingredients to make your own spice mix.

Thank you so much for your valuable time to go through the article, spices. I hope you enjoyed reading please share your thoughts and comment.



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