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Pros and Cons of Weight Watchers

Hello Everyone,
           We all know that Weight Watchers is undoubtedly helping us out with the healthy diet and weight loss goals, with its "smart points" numbers of food and recipes. But after all, every weight loss program is just a boost of motivation, an extra push that we need to keep ourselves going. Before you go for any weight loss program like this, it's important to know if the program is right for you or not, here are the advantages and disadvantages of Weight Watchers.

What is the Weight, Watchers?

1. Advantages (Pros)

  • Easy to use - Weight Watchers can be easily downloaded on your phone. Easy to use, simple to understand, easy to track your calorie intake and food routine.
  • Smart points System - The "smart point" system in Weight Watchers, makes the app easy as well as appealing to use. You can just add the food you ate and calculate the points that were used, and the points left to be used later.
  • A wide range of food - Weight watchers, allows eating a wide range and variety of food, that means no forbidden foods. So, if you love eating yummy, delicious food, then this is the program to get into.  And the good news is that you can eat as many as fruits and vegetables you want.
  • Portion control - Weight Watchers, helps to control the portion of the food you eat every day, which is an essential part of your weight loss journey.
  • The weight loss time - Weight loss is slow, unlike strict dieting. Thus your weight loss journey becomes effective and healthy.
  • Links up - The Weight Watchers app can easily be linked up with other apps, which automatically configures to your daily activity points, which makes it more effective and useful.
  • Healthier Choice - To maintain and balance the points given, you are forced to make healthier choices. For example; more fruits and vegetables, which are of "0" points.  
  • Others - There are thousands of healthy online recipes and a community, where you can connect to other members and share stories.

While there are many advantages of using Weight Watchers, there are also a few disadvantages of the same. Let's check on few cons.

Disadvantages (Cons)

  • Strict rules - The app just note the numbers that you add, if you forget to add a meal or a piece of chocolate that you ate by chance, you will mess up the digital numbers. You must follow the strict rules of the app to get accurate results.
  • Expensive - Weight Watchers is undoubtedly the most expensive app which includes the registration fees, monthly, weekly or yearly fees and other program related costs. Sometimes a lot more than a monthly gym fee, just to keep track of your food.
  • Difficult to maintain - When you stop following the program, it becomes difficult to maintain the weight after completing it. A small party or a family holiday can disturb the points as well as that day's calorie intake.
  • Smart points - Sometimes its difficult to understand the smart "plus points" system. You need to spare some time to get used to this point system.
  • Not everything is there in the app - If you want to make a new recipe or want to surprise your family with some of your granny's or mom's favorite dishes, then it becomes difficult to build the recipe, make serving sizes and note points accordingly.
  • About fruits - Weight Watchers considers fruits as "0" points, knowing fruits are healthy and contain necessary micronutrients. But many gym instructors and weight loss articles suggest avoiding certain fruits those contain more sugar during weight loss journey.   

These are few things to know before you use the Weight Watchers. As I said earlier, all weight loss programs are motivators, they help to motivate us in certain ways to keep going. If you are like me, who wants a push every moment to stay motivated to lose weight then, this can be a great start. But if you are entirely motivated to lose weight then, eat healthily, hit the gym and get the results. Share your experiences and thoughts.

Thank you.

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