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Advantages and Disadvantages of Ketogenic Diet | #keto

Advantages of the ketogenic diet.

The benefit of a ketogenic diet

1. One of the best ways to lose weight- due to lack of carbohydrate body uses fat for energy and insulin levels drop significantly, which helps to burn fat causing obvious weight loss benefits.   
2. Controls blood sugar level- low carbohydrate diet lowers the blood sugar level.
3. Controls cholesterol and blood pressure.

Disadvantages of the ketogenic diet

1. Constipation- Fiber is a carbohydrate that aids in gastrointestinal health and prevents constipation, thus eating less carb can increase the risk of constipation.
2. Fatigue- Eating less amount of carb can cause fatigue.
3. Bad breath- while on a low-carb diet, the body uses fat and protein for fuel, which can cause bad breath.
4. Hungry all the time- Carbohydrates make the tummy filled. So while on low carb diet you always feel hungry. Sometimes high fat diet helps and sometimes not.

5. Muscle cramps- You may experience pain while starting a keto diet, as there a total diet change and lack of essential minerals.

 1. Keto diet needs to be strict and disciplined. Before going on a keto diet take a note of your weight, height and how much weight you should loose according to your age, weight, and height.
2. Make a list of food to eat and not, as vegetables like tomato, onion also contains carbohydrates.
3. Keep track of your medical history, including blood glucose level, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.
4. Consult your doctor if you have any medical conditions like diabetescholesterolindigestion, etc. before going for a complete change in your diet.

 5. Drink plenty of water or electrolytes to get away from dehydration. Salt your food, take your multivitamins.

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*Disclaimer- This article is written to provide only information and general idea.
This article should not be used, to diagnose or treat any medical condition.
Please consult your healthcare provider before any diagnosis, treatment or medication.

The statistical information given is taken from internet sources.


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