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Weight loss Motivation | Yes, you can do it | Start from now | How to lose weight

Before you start any work, just remember one thing. An aggressive mind can reach a short term "determination," but a calm and balanced mind can reach the long term "determination." First of all, be determined to be "Motivated." When you think to lose weight in a week or two, your mind is always worried about the result making you aggressive and going on a strict diet and work out plan. And when you don't reach the desired goal, you quit. Instead, understand the fact that it took years to gain weight but only a few months to lose, work on your diet, your calories, and work out plans.
    Make plan only for a day, instead of making a plan for a month or two. This will help you to stay motivated and easy to achieve your goals. Let's look at few tips to get going.


1. First weigh yourself in the morning, note it down and set a goal. Put on a chart in your bathroom and write down your measured weight every week or every two weeks. The numbers will keep you motivated.

2. Decide time, day and place. For example, you want to work out in the morning or evening, whether 4 days or 5 days a week and if you wish to exercise at home or would like to go to a gym. This will help you to maintain a routine.

3. If you want to work out at home, then choose a lonely time, i.e., early morning. Choose your exercise types like yoga, aerobics or weight training. Switch on the television, select a program and exercise with motivation. Watching TV will let you feel less stressful while working out.

4. If you want to go to a gym, then join for a group fitness program or make a friend to participate with. This will help you to keep motivated.

5. Before going to the gym, get ready with your gym clothes and other necessary things to get you going. Buy a comfortable outfit, instead of fashionable, comfort is another way of motivation.

6. Join a gym class with various activities, take part in different fitness programs. This way you won't be getting bored with your regular workout. Even try to get into paid programs, this will force you to attend them.

7. Don't force yourself, just start slow and gradually increase the intensity of your exercise.

8. Don't start dieting and exercise at the same time. Start dieting first and then start with the exercise or do vice versa. This way you won't be forcing yourself to do something which you haven't done before. Just take it easy.

9. Do not hesitate to give yourself a reward. Take a chit meal or buy a dress after a month of your workout. This will keep you happy as well as motivated. First, a few days are going to be difficult but believe me once you start it, automatically you will reach your goal. 

10. Just keep yourself motivated, believe in yourself, and you can surely do it.

Everything will fall in place within a month, give yourself only thirty days to make your own way. All the best.


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